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Centering - Awareness - Body Work

Who Is In?
- Awareness Intensive

This Meditation Retreat is offering you a radical and direct method to find out who you really are.

But how do get to know yourself?

With the tool of the modern Zen Koan “Who is In?” you are going inside, and whatever you find, you are communicating with a partner. In the safe space of a retreat, you dive into your layers of identification, which are preventing you from being yourself.

The aim of this retreat is having a Direct Experience of Being, an experience of Awakening, an experience of No-Mind. You reach the center of being, which is peace, joy, love, the center of all.

The structure of this process is designed to help focus all your energy inwards, and combines the wisdom of the east, with the scientific understanding of western communication techniques.


"Open yourself of everything
Let the mind become still
The ten thousand things
rise and fall
While the Self watches
their return."
Tao Te Ching

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Being In the Hara

The Hara is the center of our being. We call Hara the area of the abdomen, and four fingers below the navel is the Hara Point where we collect and store life energy.

The Hara is our source of joy and vitality. When we are connected with this center, we feel at home in our body and in the world. The Hara is also the house of feelings and emotions. In the belly and around the navel fears and traumatic events from the past are stored.

When we meet those experiences with presence and awareness they become doorways to our center and the natural joy and silence of our being. In this Course we use grounding and centering exercises, to strengthen and connect our Hara, creating a space inside from where we become capable to perceive and feel the contradictions of the daily life in a non-identified and relaxed way. Tensions in the abdomen are released, allowing the whole body's energy to flow again.


"Movement overcomes cold. Stillness overcomes heat.
Stillness and tranquility
Set things in order
In the universe."
Tao Te Ching

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Hara Awareness Massage

Hara Awareness Massage is a body work based in the connection with the Hara. The Hara is the center of movement and creativity, the source of vital energy present in the belly. In this course we will learn to bring awareness to our physical, emotional and mental body and to reconnect our essential qualities of trust and presence.

From this state of being we learn the technique of "Hara Awareness Massage", an energetic opening, by touching and pressing points along the body and a deep and gentle massage in the abdomen - the house of our emotions, where we hold unresolved past experiences and also the place where lies our aliveness and our 'juice' for life.

By reconnecting with ourselves and meeting another being through the alchemy of perception, acceptance and touch, the natural flow of vital energy expands and we fall in the silent and rich space of the Hara. Hara Awareness Massage is an invitation to relax in the inner space of your being.





"A drop Melting into the sea, Everyone can see.
But the sea Absorbed in a drop
A rare one can follow!"


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