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I am offering individual sessions at the places where courses are happening. If you are interested in a individual session please contact the organizer of your country.


In an open session we  use the appropriate method - Counseling, Mirroring, Energy Reading, Emotional Awareness, Body and Voice Expression, Gestalt, Hara Awareness Massage®, Male-Female Polarity, etc... to help you explore your current life situation. If you have an specific life issue, whether its relationship with someone, with life or with yourself, we bring the situation into clarity and find ways to disentangle the action and the energy involved.


Craniosacral Biodynamics is an extremely light and non-active touch that works with the body's Inner rhythms and invite the client to settle in the transformative dimensions of stillness to support health from within. The original health is reconnected and from this perspective the individual life history with all it's conditions, distress, trauma and pathology can deeply rest, giving space for self-correction and self-regulation on a cellular level.


Hara Awararenes Massage is a soft energy based body work to bring awareness to the Hara. Hara is the source of our vital energy, present in the belly, two centimeters below the navel. Hara Awareness Massage works through energetic opening, by touching and pressing points along the body and a deep and gentle massage in the abdomen. In the abdomen we store tensions and unresolved emotional experiences. The massage, in combination with open communication of what is moving inside, supports the client to bring awareness to the physical, emotional and mental levels and to reconnect the essential qualities of trust and presence.


Dynamics in relating works with issues around relationship; with lovers, family members, co-workers, friends and with yourself. Usually in relationship we are emotionally and energetically too closely entangled with the other. That brings difficulty in relating to the situation with clarity and in recognizing the real feelings that are involved. Therefore we are not able to communicate our needs in a clear way, and end up blaming and judging the other, or feeling like a victim of life circumstances. This session will support you to see what is your relationship dynamic and the roles you play, finding creative ways to move into new dimensions of relating.

(individual or couple session)