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Voice - Expression - Communication


Open Voice - Spontaneous Singing

Since we are an embrio, inside the mother’s womb, we are very sensitive to sound vibration, and we can respond to them. These vibrations come to us through the mother that connects us with the outside world.
We are born with a great mechanism through which we can respond directly to the way we sense life: The possibility to make sounds and the ability to express our inner world and our needs through our voice. That is the beginning of our ability to sing.

"Open Voice" is not about learning to sing. It is about rescuing our natural ability to sing spontaneously by expressing our inner experiences and our soul.
This way of singing is a spiritual activity, a therapeutic tool, and a means for self-expression, as it is a call to be total in the present moment and to give expression to whatever is happening, through the singing voice.

We humans are expressive beings; we came to the world to contribute with something unique that comes from our inner experience and from our soul. Harmony naturally happens when we learn to listen to whatever is happening inside of us, we give it space and allow it to be expressed to the outside world.

"Open Voice" is about creating spaces in the body through breathing and movements as ways to open for the sounds that are calling from inside to be expressed. The liberation of these inner sounds is like balsam, like an inner massage into our tissues, muscles, joints, and cells.

In this journey, the ability to listen is as important as the ability to express. As listeners we open all our senses, our heart, mind, cels, to listen to the vibrations, and we become utterly present and open to receive. 
When we practice listening and being like a receptive mirror, we start sensing more clear the places in our body, mind, and soul that reacts, refuses and contracts. The awareness of such inner places is the fist step into giving them space to open and expand.

In this group we will follow the chakra system as a map to explore different ranges and qualities of sounds, from the lowest, to the higher frequencies, from the rough to the gentle, from anger to love, from pleasure to pain, from power to joy.
This exploration brings new dimensions and qualities to our singing voice as well as to our speaking voice.
We will explore and play with the many possibilities of our human’s voice in its infinite qualities of sounds, with the intention to express our unique self and to reach the depths of our silence and stillness.

Welcome to a deep and playful journey into your Self!









"Let your life lightly dance
on the edges of time
like dew
on the tip of a leaf."
Rabindranath Tagore



Comunication and Creativity

Throughout our upbringing the essential qualities of our being have been denied and repressed, creating blocks in our energy system. We are cut-off from our natural self-expression and learn to relate to the world through the mask of our personalities rather then with the powerful, expressive and creative force of our real Self.
In this course we will learn to heal and open our communication center, located in the throat. We will learn how to re-discover our innate creativity and to be direct, authentic and spontaneous in our communication.

We will learn to listen to what is happening inside; to be grounded and centered in order to be able to allow what is happening to move and be expressed.
Once we learn to give space to what is moving inside ourselves, with awareness, we are able to communicate with the outside world, being present and finding the right words and expressions that makes a real meeting possible.
This course is target to anyone who feels the need for more clarity in their communication with friends, partners, parents, children, co-workers, and most important with oneself.

Clear communication is directly related to creativity. When I start reconnecting with my inside and bring myself out clear, through my words, actions and presence, I am no longer enslaved by my conditioning and the events in my life. I take responsibility and start recreating my reality.








"Everyone is God speaking. Why not be polite and Listen to Him?"

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