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Training for Life - A journey into the levels of human consciousness through the seven energy centers.

Formação para a Vida é um intenso processo de exploração e auto-descoberta.

É uma viagem profunda em nosso mundo interior e exterior.

O objetivo deste trabalho é abrir o nosso pleno potencial como ser humano, para reconectar nossa natureza essencial e aplicar as nossas descobertas interiores na vida.

Vamos investigar os vários aspectos do nosso ser com o mapa do sistema de chakras. Este mapa faz a ligação entre espírito e matéria, mente e corpo, céu e terra.

Neste caminho passamos por todos os níveis de experiência: Sobrevivência e manifestação; fluxo e conexão; força e energia, amor e relacionamento, comunicação e criatividade, a visão interior e intuição, consciência e percepção.

Trabalhamos em sete módulos, cada um focando em profundidade em um centro de energia e sempre relacionados com o sistema como um todo. Você sai de um módulo com ferramentas para expressar criativamente e manifestar o que temos descoberto e compreendido em sua vida cotidiana.

Os módulos são completos em si mesmos e pode ser reservado individualmente.

1 - Chakra Básico - Nutrindo as Raízes

2 - Chakra Sacral - Conexão e Fluência

3 - Plexo Solar - O Poder do Ser

4 - Chakra do Coração - Relacionamento, Amor e Intimidade

5 - Chakra da Garganta - Comunicação e Criatividade

6 - O Terceiro Olho - Visão interior e intuição

7 - Chakra da Coroa - Espiritualidade, Consciência e Vida




base chakra

The first chakra is the foundation of the chakra system. It is the container, the ground that supports and nourishes us. It is associated with our physical body and its needs, our connection with the material world and to the element earth. The themes of the first chakra are survival instincts, grounding and life force, learning to balance the drives of our instincts and the ability for being conscious. When out of balance, this center gets overcharged by fear and our life force gets contained in inertia. When this energy is freed and transformed we reconnect with our inherent health, a sense of security and aliveness.

In this module we will:

  • Bring back the attention to our body. Reorganizing its energetic flow through grounding exercises: going deep down into the earth, into our flesh, into our legs and feet.
  • Bring awareness to our conditioned patterns and believes around physical strenght.
  • Work with the Identity with our physical body, its needs and our connection with the material world: home, finances, work and environment.
  • Explore the roots of our basic fears in order to liberate and reconnect the power of our instinctual energy and our will to live; reconnecting our inherent health, sense of security and vitality.
  • Learn the basic principles of ‘trauma healing’ and ways to regulate and discharge energy associated with defensive survival behaviors.
  • Work to regain our basic right to have and to be here. This is the realm where we bring things into manifestation and completion.

The Base Chakra and its issues develop mainly during the pre-natal time, birth experience and the first 12 months after birth. The possibility with this work is to repair old wounds that happened during this period of our lives.


sacral chakra

The essence of second chakra is movement and connection. It is related to the fluidity and formlessness of the element water.

In this center we start experiencing duality, the vulnerable yet powerful dimension of our feelings, the contrast between energy and body, our inner and outer world. The themes of 2nd chakra are emotional identity, pleasure and sexuality. When our basic right to feel is not allowed, it creates patterns such as shame and guilt in order to keep our feelings from become conscious.

In this center we enter the world of human relationships, many times entangled in dependencies that come from unresolved emotional wounds we carry from childhood.

In this module we will:

  • Reconnect and nourish the space of our inner child. Learning to identify and understand emotional patterns that come from our childhood and have been shaping our adult behavior.
  • Learn to feel and accept feelings and emotions, finding creative ways to relate to one´s own and other's emotions.
  • Explore how we relate to our bodies and to pleasure, learning to let our energy flow and expand through the body, connecting our inner self and the outer world.
  • Dive into the watery formless realm of the belly and our ability for expansion and to move with change.
The Sacral Chakra and its issues develop mainly from 6 months to 2 years old, when mother and child’s emotional identity are fused. As the emotions clear and the 2nd chakra heal, it opens in the belly the essential qualities of joy and playfulness; we can find a balance between being grounded enough to be contained and open enough to flow and connect.



solar chakra

The 3rd Chakra is also called the Power-Chakra and is located at the solar plexus area. It’s essential qualities are: will, decisiveness, autonomy, assertiveness, originality, joy and enthusiasm. It is related to the outward motion and power of the element fire. In this Chakra we move further in our process of becoming a unique individual, which gives us the possibility of experiencing our personal will and the drive to create the life we wish for. This process involves overcoming unconscious habits which defines our personality and so the way we are seen by others. It is about facing challenge, daring to be unique, expanding our own limits and risking disapproval for the integrity of our own truth.

In the Solar Plexus we also encounter a long history of misunderstandings and abuses, where power is usually in the world only used for competition, comparison and judgment. We all carry those energies, consciously or unconsciously; we feel either powerful and in need to control everything around us, or powerless, weak and controlled. One of the themes of the 3rd chakra is the dynamic of the Dominator and the Victim, which are both distortions of power that creates suffering and separation.

In our process of individuation, Judgments and Projections play an important, but mostly unconscious, role. By becoming clear of the Judgments we have of others, we become aware of the parts of ourselves which we “disown” - what we call our “psychological Shadow” - and project outside. We spend a lot of energy creating strategies to hide those Shadows. As we learn to identify and to embrace our shadows, we get back our integrity, reconnecting with great sources of energy that can become clarity and compassion.

In this module we will:

  • Explore the joyous Energy of Power, Strength and Will in the Solar Plexus
  • Learn to identify the different Strategies we use as Defense Mechanisms in our lives. Our patterns of either dominating or being a victim.
  • Understanding the Phenomena of Projection and Judgments. How and when it happens and ways to bring the energy back to oneself.
  • Uncover and expose our "shadow" as ways to bring more light into our mechanisms
  • Learn to create a stronger and healthier sense of one’s individual being; learning to draw Boundaries, saying Yes or No when appropriate.
  • Experience how conscious power and strength can support the capacity to relax and love more

The 3rd Chakra and its issues develop mostly around the ages of eighteen months and three years, when the child starts asserting itself as separate from the mother. When we awaken our Power Chakra we have a mature sense of self in which we connect our presence, dignity and strength; we experience the freedom and joy of knowing and expressing who we are without the need for outside validation.

heart chakra

The Heart Chakra is associated to the element air. It’s essential qualities are love, acceptance, tenderness and compassion.

The Heart Chakra is the center of the chakra system and it is a integration of opposites: mind and body; self and other, light and shadow, masculine and feminine; inner and outer; ego and unity. It has the ability to embrace whatever is without judgment.

The central focus of the heart is relating to others, which means connection, compassion and empathy for another. Compassion dissolves judgment and invites the heart to open. The most common obstacle for the heart is the absence of self-love, which is the base for intimacy and balance between ourselves and others.

The Heart chakra works with reaching out and taking in. Fear and grief block these responses and eventually the heart chakra. When grief is acknowledged and expressed, the heart opens to it’s original loving nature, and we move beyond duality, toward a sense of great acceptance of self and others.

In this module we will:

  • Understand the needs of our heart, how it got hurt, and its mechanisms of protection.
  • Learn to recognize our illusions around love as romance, understanding the higher meaning of love.
  • Discover and develop the ability of the Heart to synchronize with other people’s hearts and all life around.
  • Reconnecting our heart as a healer, by listening to its wisdom and intuition.

The heart chakra is mostly shaped when we are around three and seven years old, when we form our social identity.

As we heal and unburden our hearts from pain, sadness and the patterns of love that limit us, we find the deeper essence of love, which brings us a profound sense of peace and centeredness. When we move from wanting love to allowing and cultivating love we can meet with the heart of another in real intimacy.



throat chakra

The 5th chakra is located in the throat and its element is “sound” (ether). It represents our creative identity and is based on the ways we express ourselves. The essence of this chakra is finding resonance and harmony with all that is vibrating around us. Through our upbringing the expression of our natural Self normally has not been supported or even got repressed, and therefore we learned to relate to the world through the mask of our personality and our belief system.

When we learn to give space to our inner reality and to express our truth, we become able to consciously communicate with the outside world, finding the right words and the right expression that make a real meeting possible.

Clear communication is directly related to creativity. When I start reconnecting with my inside and bring myself out clear, through my words, actions and presence, I am no longer enslaved by my conditioning and the events that happen in my life. I take responsibility and start recreating my reality.

In this module we will:

  • Deepen the awareness of our inner world, through Listening In and Expressing out. We learn to listen to what is happening inside, and then allow what is happening to move and be expressed.
  • Open to speak and listen through toning and singing, moving and dancing - opening our innate creativity to express our deeper self in an authentic and spontaneous way.
  • Learn about the steps of conscious Communication, discovering simple and effective tools to bring Clarity and Presence into Communication.
  • Look attentively into the structure of our beliefs and the unconscious patterns and ideas we carry about ourselves and our relationship to life
  • Understand how Communication can support the creation of the life I long for.

The developmental period of the 5th Chakra occurs mostly between the ages of seven and twelve. When we learn to work with communication in a playful and conscious attitude we open our voice to speak our truth and free our creativity; we connect, expand and unite with others, re-creating our world.




dark blue flowers

The Sixth chakra, also known as the “Third Eye”, is located at the level of brow inside the head. It is related to the eyes, ears and pineal gland. Its essence is the ability to see and perceive with clarity and vision. The element of sixth chakra is light.
Through this center we are able to look within and see ourselves beyond our self-identity and limited mind and personality patterns.
The themes of Sixth chakra are intuition, insights, symbolic thinking, abstraction, imagination, psychic faculties, dreams and visions.

When the Sixth chakra is closed the mind becomes narrow, confused, unfocused and we have difficulties differentiating reality from imagination, resulting in compulsive thinking, little space for imagination and inability to keep on with a vision.

In this module we work with:

  • Understanding the “nature of mind” and dis-identification with “thought processes”.
  • Opening our intuition and applying it as a guiding principle for our Life’s journey.
  • Learning to distinguish Wakefulness from Illusion and Clarity from Confusion.
  • Enhancing the perception of our inner and outer reality, opening possibilities to experience life from a more expanded view than from our limited personality patterns.
  • Uncover negative images we have about ourselves and the way they influence the manifestation of our potential.

The developmental stage of Sixth Chakra is around adolescence, with the ability for symbolic thinking and abstraction.
In this chakra we seek the light of consciousness and learn to focus that light in order to see clearly. That energy is captured into a picture, an idea, a vision, and functions as the blue print for manifestation.
As the 3rd eye opens the “Witness” aspect of our being is actived and we start perceiving reality with more clarity, seeing through the density of the physical world into the subltle realm of energy and spirit.




7. chakra

The Seventh Chakra, also known as “The Crown”, is the center of pure awareness. It is a place of all knowing, beyond the limits of space and time. It represents “Consciousness”, the basic operating principle of all the chakras that is capable of seeing, speaking, loving, doing, feeling, and living.
The themes at the Crown are transcendence, wisdom, universal identity, understanding, life purpose, inspiration and spiritual connection. Its negative aspects manifest in excessive attachment to forms and appearances.
This is time for resting in the awareness of being, and to realize the “witness”, that which is free of judgment and evaluation, the observer that simply notices all that is.

In this module we will:

  • Look at the phenomena of Inspiration as the driving agent for change and evolution of humanity as a whole and within one individual.
  • Question our Life Purpose as the deeper meaning of our life. What are we really here for, and what are our gifts, challenges, and potential.
  • Bring light into attachments to particular confined structures, plans and ideas that keep us from realizing the wholeness of who we are.
  • Explore the concepts of “Meditation technique”, “Experience of Meditation” and “State of Meditation”.
  • Inquire into our concepts about God, Supreme Being, or Divine Force. Freeing our limiting beliefs about religion and discovering our unique relationship with “Spirituality”.

This Center develops throughout life, starting at conception, and it has great opennings during adulthood, as we question the meaning of life.
Here we come to understand the relationship between consciousness and matter, we can move back and forth between space and form, silence and sound, nothing and something, the absolute and the relative.
We will move deeper into Meditation, as a non-doing practice, diving into the silent space of formless consciousness.
From the crown we come to the end of the rainbow journey, through the 7 centers, and discover it is one more step for a new beginning.